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Monday, November 10, 2008

Coup'd up kids

Adjusting to life without a large yard where the kids are free to roam is proving quite challenging. As the days get shorter, darker and much colder we are finding they don't have enough time or space here in the city to release all their energy.

So, we've turned to crafty stuff. Tatum is working her way through learning to crochet. She has an instructional book made for kids, but like her parents, is doing it her own way. She spent hours and hours over the summer crocheting chains. Four skeins of yarn fell prey to her crochet hook. Now, she has some inexpensive variegated yarn and is attempting to make rows. There are some gaps, but she calls them ruffles and plows forward! We like her style.

Keeli gets these great rewards at daycare for good behavior. This week she brought home a princess paint by number project.

Our girls haven't watched many of the Disney movies, so their concept of the princesses needing to be painted or colored certain trademark colors is lost. Plus, much to Keeli's delight, this kit came with "wet paint," no need to add water and control the amount of paint that could spill or otherwise find its way all over the place.

We enjoyed several hours of self-entertainment tonight. Thank goodness for crafts. Any suggestions out there for little boys who want to dig tunnels under houses?


Mo said...

Maybe you could bring in a little plastic pool and fill it full of dirt - dirt always kept my boys happy! (of course, you would want a tarp underneath it). It's funny because Chris has the house the two older boys grew up in, and when he does construction projects underneath the house or around the grounds, he's always finding Star Wars figures or little trucks!

The Tin House said...

hmmm...somewhere out there is a recipe for slime. From memory, you make it with cornflour - just google it. You buy a cheap and nasty plastic tablecloth (or two) and let him at it!

The other cheap and cheerful hint for dirt boy, is a tin of shaving cream, and a plastic tablecloth. You'll be amazed at the patterns you can draw with your hands. It's great fun. I've tried it and it gets my seal of approval. And of course, everyone smells like Daddy for the rest of the day.

Lisa x

p.s. there's a blog I read called "kiddio" dedicated to boycraft and they have some great ideas. I'll look up the address.

BusyLiz said...

Kate, it looks like your girls can at least stay on task. My little surrogate granddaughter Ashley is hyper. Something new to me since my girls weren't. She wears me out! Love Mo's comment about treasures found under the house. That's funny. Good luck finding things for your son to do.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Card Board boxes! I am not kidding. My two boys and daughter (who is hte youngest) will play with cardboard boxes and a few throw blankets all day. I let them color them, cut windows, and make forts. We are like you too, and do some crafts. The boys dont mind the crafts that include suncatchers, or the little pieces you make a design with and then iron, gosh cant think of the name...good luck. I have two boys one of which would live outside if he could.

Anonymous said...

BEST IDEA for Rikard
You buy the house across the street (Ahler's, Mata's, whoever's) that is heading to foreclosure and have lots of dirt, plus you know that the neighbors are wonderful :-)
The goats are lonely too. But wow have you see the Billy? He is huge! I'll send a picture.
You did a great job on getting me great new neighbors but miss all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Angela said...

How about some cardboard boxes to make into a fort/spaceship.pirate ship...whatever he is into. Not huge boxes of course! But smallish ones he and the girls could color and decorate. You could cut out holes but leave the cardboard attached on one side to make portals. The lil one could make her own castle. I was about 10 when Penny taught me to crochet.

Angela said...

Hope the lil one is better.