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Friday, November 28, 2008

It was a great holiday, family, good food and a quiet evening. We enjoyed a houseful of people with a visit from Nana, Papa, Kelly, Bailey and Baby Tabitha for the day. We are thankful they all traveled safely.

Rikard and his teacher get the big, creative award for preparing the most unique and Thanksgiving-themed decorations this year. This round turkey has a 3-dimensional neck and was a study in repeating patterns (a lot of his math homework is quilt block patterns lately, so I'm enjoying math).
He also made this little guy, who sat on the mantle for the weekend and is kind of like a pinata. The paper bag he is made from is filled with sweet treats to share. He lost his foot on the way home from school, but thankfully he doesn't have to do much walking.Kelli made this great little turkey at preschool. The handprints are supposed to be wings and he apparently is a "cycloptic" turkey. She may spend the holiday break brushing up on her bird anatomy.Tatum had to solve a series of math equations to get the specifics to draw her coloful holiday bird.Thanks to everyone for the input on keeping one little boy busy. We have used and plan to use many, many of the suggested ideas for keeping Rikard busy in a couped up house. My best idea, to get him an outside toy that flies, didn't work well. Rick warned me of this inevitability, but I didn't listen. We got three good flights out of the hand launched helicopter thing-y and then had a distraught little boy. You guessed it, the darned thing landed on the roof.

Your ideas that worked out included going for a hike. There are miles of trails here and we set off and explored one. This cairn, or rock stack as Rikard calls it, was along the trail. When we returned someone had knocked it over and the kids spent a good 30-45 minutes trying to rebuild it.

Another idea came from my sister. Let the boy bake! When we visited them - oh so far away and oh so long ago in South Dakota - she let him knead dough and make cinnamon rolls with her. He was up to his armpits in flour and then sticky from head to foot in icing.

We took the easy route here at home and just bought a tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls. He enjoyed this project a lot!

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