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Sunday, November 02, 2008

more/Moore lions/Lyons

On a recent hike around the neighborhood, we discovered we live very near the intersection of Moore and Lyons Streets.

The way the streets wind around in this neighborhood, we actually live between Moore Street and Lyons Street. Which is funny because my sister's family's surname is Moore and my maiden name, thus my parents' surname, is Lyons. So, I'm kind of between Moore and Lyons all the time. Odd coincidence.

This street name issue amused me as our last home was on Dunn Street, near the intersection of Dunn and Brad Streets - a fiscal fact which amused my parents.

And, the world needs to protect its lions and to enjoy the Lyons in their natural habitat. Alas, I have no lions with wild manes roaming the backyard to photograph, so my new neice will have to suffice.

This is a shot I stole on Halloween in her cute little holiday outfit while she was out visiting. It was the first time I got to hold her. She is precious.

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