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Friday, May 22, 2009

Baseball prodigy - NOT

After all our bragging last week about Rikard being a fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous) tee-ball player, we must hang our head in shame. Apparently he likes the action playing short stop, but gets a little bored waiting for the balls to make it to the outfield. Sadly he has found ways to entertain himself.

Please, laugh with us! I take all the blame for the shaky video, the tripod was not where Rick expected it to be. We are going to have some good times with his new video camera. Stay tuned.


Briarose said...

Good one! He is so not going to like you when you show it to his girlfriends when he gets a little older. Claire

Angela said...

I got to play 1 season of lil league. Us country girls didnt get to do this big city stuff. LOL But I still remember it.

Anonymous said...

This was soooo funny. I laugh when I remember our first experience with soccer. Our son....who is now 40....attended all the pre-season practices when he was 6...first game and couldn't find him on the field with his team...he was way off at the end of the field trying to take a sprinkler head apart to see how it worked. Needless to say, we took him by the hand, folded up the lawn chairs, grabbed the cooler..and that was the end of soccer. He just wasn't interested and didn't care. He did well in football and baseball...and is one hell of a mechanic and handyman and a has a great job with the railroad. He still thinks soccer is stupid!