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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Of Flying Frogs and Lazy Butterflies

It was a dreary day, overcast, cool, on and off drizzly rain, but the kids really know how to make the most of a situation. The got their kites and headed to the park.
The wind was blustery, it would blow strong and cold for 10-15 minutes and then die down. For a long while, we kept the air was filled with a fluttery blutterfly and a crazy tree frog. Their kites were purchased last year from a shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon and are fantastic flying machines. They don't need much wind and are very sturdy. Rikard really enjoys his kite. He ran miles around the park keeping it aloft and dodging other kite flyers, football players and, occassionally, his little sister. Even when the wind was absent, he would shorten the string and run to keep his kite in the air.
Rick had some fun with Tatum and her butterfly kite. There wasn't enough wind for his parachute style kite, so he played a game of keep-away with Tatum. There was just enough wind to keep her kite tails just out of her reach. Then, the wind was no more. We packed up our kites and stowed them away for another day.

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