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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fish tales

Opening weekend of fishing season had its ups and downs - not necessarily on the waves. The season opened on most local lakes Saturday, but the weather did not cooperate. Sunday we had blue skies, calm waters an eager crew.Most of our crew were rookies. There were several nibbles on the lines which they didn't realized, but they learned quickly from their missed opportunities.Finally, Bailey got the first (and only) serious bite of the day. He was busy yelling "fish on" and trying to reel his line in with the rod still in the holder, ignoring Capt. Rick's instructions. Bailey reminds me so much of my brother at that age! You know, the age when excitement rules and rules only interfere with experiencing the excitement.
Bailey really didn't want to touch the fish. It took several minutes for him to get a grip on the fish without it squirting out from his hands and landing in the lawn.
Rikard on the other hand never misses an opportunity to show off a catch - even if it isn't his!
And, we introduced Stubby to the boating life. She took to the water well and even tried to jump overboard a couple times to catch nearby geese, ducks or loons. Stubby's a natural, amidst the chaos of Rick setting three kids up to fish and me learning the operate the new electric motor, she managed to eat an old-fashioned donut (traditional fishing food for this family) and drink the remains of my coffee.

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