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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which way to do we go?

It is much better when the weekend presents a challenge, don't you think? Last weekend was Rikard's monthly Cub Scout Pack event. We hit the road for Finch Arboretum for an orienteering event.

Rick and Rikard got a quick tutorial on using a map and compass to find way or control points. The event was sponsored by the Eastern Washington Orienteering Club. They provided timers, compasses, maps and developed the course. It took us a few tries, but finally the boys had us on the right track.

For many in our little group, as soon as a direction was determined the race was on to find the next marker. Rikard held the map and compass, Tatum stamped the card at each control point and Keeli usually just ran and ran and ran with the dog. She did read us the numbers of the control points once she arrived, just so we knew we were at the right one.
Tatum was sidetracked more than once along the way. She needed to know out how old the trees were before they were cut down and stopped multiple times to read the educational tree markers and donation plaques along the paths.
Sometimes we saw our friends along the way, following another course. Hi Francine and David!
By the end of the morning and with the experience of two beginner courses under his belt, Rikard was fairly adept at determining the direction to follow to find the next control point.

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Kez said...

Cool! I'll have to suggest our cubs do that!