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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tatum turns 11

Tatum turns 11 today, April 10.

Rick had a single responsibility during my pregancy - to find the perfect name. Tatum is on Old English name that means "cheerful" and "bringer of joy." She is definitely cheerful and brings joy to our lives everyday. I think he did an excellent job!

She is growing up quickly. It seems just yesterday she was learning to walk, learning to talk.

Today she is doing long division and enjoys reading historical fiction and mystery novels. She also likes to embroider and crochet. I must more make time to spend with her and her little sewing machine.

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Cathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Tatum!!! April is the birthday month for the guys in our family. I remember being 11 so well. It was a turning point for me in so many ways. What a delicious looking cake! At first I thought it was a pie. LOL Hey, you really need to encourage her in her sewing/crocheting/embroidering skills! I am sooooo impressed! As you probably read on my blog, I've been working with my granddaughters, and today I finished up a Greek wallhanging and DG2 spent the entire time pressed against me watching and asking questions. I was doing the chain stitch and she wanted to know why it had holes. LOL She is 4 years old.