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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crying Fowl!

Dead chicken walking!

Don't laugh, this is a true story. Friday morning when feeding my chickens I found a clump of long tailfeathers near the coup entry. It could only have belonged to the chicken we affectionately call "Big Rooster." He's a 2 year old Plymouth Barred Rock rooster - the ruler of the roost (pictured here).

This morning, my fabulous hubby found the rooster roaming the back yard. He told me that when he went out he saw a ghost - oh, my! It was Big Rooster.

Big Rooster's appearance will never be that of his glory days. His tail feathers will grow back, but his coxcomb and wattles (those red things on top of his head and under his chicken chin) were partially torn off and one of his leg spurs was ripped off when he fought whatever attacked him.

We're glad he's okay and relieved now that he is again safe in the coup.

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