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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hungry Horse Dam

Back to our summer vacation...

Going to the Sun Road was closed on our first full day at Glacier National Park. So, we spent the day exploring Hungry Horse Dam.

This was one of those activities we ALL went on together. As you can imagine, we caravan instead of carpool!The list of family members is fairly easy to recite:
  • Jim & Joyce (aka Papa and Nana), with Sadie
  • Rick, Kate', Tatum, Rikard and Keeli
  • Shaney, Myron, Ash, Jessie, Miranda, Anne (she is a foreign exchange student from Germany) and Fred (we will visit with Fred the daschaund in a later post)
  • Brett, Tami, Madison, Michael and Charlie
  • Kelly and Bailey

This is Nana, Papa and all their assorted and sundry grandkids at a little waterfall that drops into the reservoir behind Hungry Horse Dam. It was a very beautiful place, surrounded by mountains, trees, rushing water, one of those places people shouldn't occupy for long periods of time.

Then, we started having a bit of fun. There was only one other group of tourists at the dam when we visited, so the kids climbed the waterfall, looked over the edge of the dam, skipped rocks on the reservoir, some of us walked across the dam - we just had fun.

Rick and I had a little fun with the camera! (DISCLAIMER - no children were put in harms way for the taking of these pictures, she never left his hands.)

As you can see, Keeli and her daddy really do travel well together...

Isn't the scenery wonderful?!

After exploring for the day we went back to camp and were treated to a fabulous dinner of smokin' flank steak and salad by Brett. He really does have a talent for creating fabulous meals, this picture is just to make fun of him because I can (and he'll probably never look at this anyway).

We stayed at a KOA Kampground just outside Glacier National Park. It was a really nice campground. Nana & Papa had their RV and their space is always like our home base. We all rented cabins - which were really nice. We took all four cabins nearest the RV spot and had the corner of the campground to ourselves!

More later...

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