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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Glacier National Park

Our summer vacation ...

You may wonder why I'm talking about our summer vacation now in December. We purchased ourselves a new computer and we can now view, download and use the photos from our digital camera!

Our summer vacation was a fabulous week spent at Glacier National Park. We stayed in the U.S. side of the park, drove Going to the Sun Road the day it opened for the season, saw fabulous scenery, steered clear of all the bears and makes some great memories with our family.

We found this classic National Park sign on a the road to Running Eagle Falls, also known as Trick Falls. As always, I made Tatum, Rikard and Keeli pose for a photo. We hiked the mile into the falls - the kids love the hiking sticks we bought at the park souvenir store. The falls really are a sight to see when the water is running high. Here we all are in front of the falls.

From Trick Falls we drove around the southern end of the park. We couldn't skip the Goat Lick. This is a natural mineral lick along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Tatum was completely nonplussed at seeing "wild goats," however the next day she asked if we could caputer some to add to the herd we have at home. The scenery at the Goat Lick was fabulous.

This is a small tributary that feeds into the Flathead River at the Goat Lick. Below you can see the goats walking along the cliffs to access the minerals and the river as it winds away from the mineral cliffs.

Stay tuned...we still have stories of the marshmallow shoot out, Going to the Sun Road, bike riding and tossing Keeli over the dam!

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