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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Babies, Babies & More Babies

We welcomed six new members to herd over the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of new babies this year to 8 as of today and all are cute and healthy!

Reba, a first-time mommy, had twins. A boy...
Isn't he handsome in his black tuxedo? His colorings are exactly opposite those of his daddy's markings.

and a girl...

A miniature version of Reba herself, down to the white markings on her tummy.

Bounce, another first-time mommy, had these cute little jack-n-jill twins. She was keeping them warm in the corner of the hut this morning and had no intention of letting them pose for pretty pictures. They almost look like Easter bunnies with those long, soft ears.

These two are Jill's first babies, again a buck and a doe. They are the spittin' image of their daddy as Jill is dark brown with a black stripe down her back. She is very protective, so we had to take their picture through the fence.

Tatum still hasn't decided on names for these yet. Suggestions are welcome!

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Angela said...

OH my so adorable!!