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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Signs of Spring

We had new babies in the pature just in time for Easter. Our most homely of nannies, named Lucky #7, put two little bucks on the ground Friday afternoon. They are about 30 minutes old in the photo.
The little buck on the far right of the photo has very L-O-N-G ears, that are pink-white like a rabbit. Typically boer ears are brown to black. We're calling him Dumbo. His brother with the brown markings on his hind quarters is named Jumbo, his ears are mostly dark brown.

Rick used one of this afternoons at home during spring break to till my garden space. We're ready to put the pumpkins, tomatoes and pepper plants in the ground once the temperature becomes warm and steady. My patch of chives is thriving in the middle of the garden, but the thyme, cilantro and strawberries didn't winter well.

The hens were taking advantage of the disoriented worms and bugs. We have some work to do on their coup so they don't eat the seeds as we plant them this year.

Of course, we have a few flowers around the house, but not many. Our flower beds were not well-cared for or enhanced the past couple of years as we had planned and installed new windows and a new roof. So, improving our flower beds are a medium level priority this year. This is the extent of the beauty at Easter weekend.

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