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Monday, April 09, 2007

Hoppy Easter

After so many years of not knowing if the Easter Bunny really existed or not, we finally caught a glimpse of him early Sunday morning. He was meticulously preparing a challenging egg hunt for the children at the Dragoo home. Shhhh...we don't want to scare him away!

It didn't take long for even the youngest among to catch on to the egg hunt! Then the race was on for the best eggs out there.

The bigger kids really got excited once they realized the eggs were filled with candy, cookies, little toys and money - even the paper kind! That Easter Bunny knows what all kinds of kids enjoy.

The holidays are always a great time to get photos of families reconnecting, loving up the new babies and just enjoying the company of one another.

Connie and Great Grandpa Dick just don't miss a minute of showing off and loving up little Ava.

Grandma Bert took the opportunity to have her picture taken with all her great granddaugthers, Keeli, Ali, Ava and Tatum.

And, of course all the boys had to have some sort of athletic competition. Collin was the champion at tetherball - even though Rick gave it his best shot! Look, that guy really can't jump!

All the boys were tossing around the football, Rikard has a few years yet to perfect his form - thank goodness!

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Angela said...

Love the pics of the kiddo. And may I have one Ava delivered to my house please?