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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Little Dancing Fool

Tatum's first dance performance of the season was this weekend at the spring fair. The costumes for her group are not yet in, so they wore blue jeans and pink t-shirts with the RBC logo on them.

She's doing much better at multi-tasking (simultaneously smiling and dancing) on stage. And, she still loves to hold a pose! This is her third year of clogging.
She was a bit disappointed at not having a costume, but soon realized how lucky she was to be in jeans. The afternoon was windy, overcast and cool, not very condusive to spandex, sequins and tights.

The group's performance is called "Bounce" and takes about 3 minutes. The music has a KT Tunstall sound to it and is really upbeat. Tatum enjoys it and practices several times a day (without clogs) in the living room.
Shortly after her performance, she was scheduled to work the food booth for her 4-H group. As the youngest volunteer, she worked the front counter taking orders, making change and delivering food. Her leader said she did a fantastic job. They even saved her first order form for us to put in a scrapbook.

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Ilena Dennison said...

You are such a great mom! I knew it all those years of your mom and my mom harping on us and the 4-H projects, etc. They sure have paid off. Your kids are great! and so cute! Keep up the good work.