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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Day

With the waning days of summer, comes the county fair. This year our entries were fewer than in years past, but the returns were just as great.

Tatum and Rikard each earned a blue ribbon for their sunflowers.

Rikard planted his sunflower as part of his science project in Kindergarten earlier this spring. When it was 4-inches tall, we replanted it in the garden. It survived a near fatal encounter with the neighbor's dog one day and was a little over 7-feet tall when we took it to the fair. It hadn't developed its flower by fair time, hopefully it will develop once we get it home. Rikard's sunflower was also the TALLEST sunflower entry in the youth division! More accolades for the young gardener will arrive in the mail next week.

After two of years of growing Goliath-sized sunflowers, Tatum decided to plant pretty sunflowers. Their maxium height is about 6-foot, but their had pretty red, orange and gold colored flower petals.

She is excited about her blue ribbon and wants to do some research now to find the tallest kind of sunflower so she can step back into the winner's circle (the $$ circle) next year.

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The Halands said...

Congratulations to Tatum and Rikard! We always LOVE the sunflowers at our county and state fairs!