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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home Improvement

Rick's summer project was to make way for a future garage. He has envisioned a garage - some man space of his own - for years. The first step to realizing his dream is a clear space on which to build.

He started by taking the roof off and slowly tore it down piece by piece. He really had a good time tearing this down and removing something he considers a "scab" to our backyard. The only thing remaining today are the cinder blocks which served as a makeshift foundation around the bottom of the walls.
The shed wasn't terribly useful as nothing was safe inside. It didn't shelter anything from the elements well and putting a lock on the door would have probably probably made the doors and their hinges fall from the walls. It was also home to a large community of wasps.

While the shed itself was ugly, the wood was attractive. The wood had great character. It weathered well and was a great shade of sun bleached grey you often find on old barns and fence posts.

1 comment:

The Halands said...

Cool, Kate' -- did Rick salvage the wood for a future project, then? We've got two old chicken coops that need coming down (not to mention an ancient corn crib that's already imploded that needs hauling away). That's on next year's to-do list. We're hoping to salvage a lot of the wood for a future treehouse. Congrats to Rick on being one step closer to his Man Space! ;-)

- Noelle