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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

M's Game

Each year Papa Charlie treats us to an outing or two at Safeco Field to watch the Seattle Mariner's. We were lucky enough on July 28 to watch Ichiro's 1,500th hit and see the M's win as part of a stadium filling crowd.

The day's theme was "Turn Back the Clock." The 70s theme was complete with costume contests, game shows and Eric Estrada as the celebrity guest. The kids had a great time dancing to the music and watching all the game extras. We even brought home a couple of ball caps with the original Mariner's logo.

It isn't easy to keep three young kids entertained and in their seats for three to four hours. There is always something to draw the kids' attention away from the game...cotton candy, shiskaberries, warm peanuts, lemonade...
Overall, the kids have a great time, dad gets some quality time with his kids and grandpa is happy. All is right with the world.
Our seats are usually behind 3rd base, however this time we were along the 1st base line. The scenes in the walkways were similar, and I found some great artwork at one of the entrances I hadn't noticed before. These are made from recycled items, aluminum cans, bottle tops, license plates, etc. All the materials are metal, but they make the quilter and designer in me think about other possibilities. I enjoy circles.

Then, as we were driving away, this parking garage caught my eye. Again, circles are attractive.

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