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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My fave things 12.18

Decorating the tree is an annual, happy event.
Everyone was ready with their special, personalized, annual tree ornament from Nana. This year it was snowmen.Keeli picked her favorite branch and began loading it, and loading it and loading it with ornaments. We have a great assortment of ornaments. However, we have more tree than ornaments so after the kids were done they had to be reorganized a bit.Keeli dropped two glass balls. As soon as they shattered, our holiday-tree-decorating-bliss shattered.

When the first one dropped and shattered Keeli said very clearly and curtly, "d@mn it!" and stomped her little foot. I had to stop the other two kids from laughing and let Keeli know how bad it was to say things like that. No serious discipline while decorating the tree. A short while later, Keeli dropped another ornament and it shattered. She quickly looked at me, looked back at the broken bits of glass on the floor, threw out her hands in exasperation and yelled, "sh!+."

While trying to again explain to her that she shouldn't do this, Rikard asked me where I thought she learned these words. Why, probably from some foul-mouthed-terrible-person of course.

Oh, the lessons our children teach us. I just didn't realize they could tag team so well at such a young age. So, Rikard was rewarded with the job of putting the star on top of the tree.

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maudie-mae said...

When my daughter was going into first grade, I took both children out to eat at Barb & Ed's the night before school started. She looked at me with her huge, adorable brown eyes and said, "I know a bad word.....SH!+." Of course we were in public and I couldn't do a thing about this lapse in her judgment.