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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Team sports

This weekend was our first foray into the wide world of team sports. Tatum has tried t-ball, but wasn't crazy about it. Rikard resists team sports. So, off to basketball we went!
Rikard was fighting it all the way. He proclaimed to "HATE" basketball all the way to the high school gym. Once there he leared a few things and got to like it so much he was sad when it was time to leave.
This is the first attempt he's ever made to shoot the ball. The height of the rim may be a little imposing for him. BTW, his attempt was not successful.
He spent a lot of time bouncing the ball off his toes and chasing it down.
The session for girls followed the boys. Tatum started the day with simple ball handling skills. Right hand and left hand, pushing the ball across the court.
She got so good and so quick, my camera could barely follow her!

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