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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenies

Here is the troop seconds before the descended upon the neighborhood in search of piles, loads, pounds and gallons of candy.

What? Yes, there is an extra in the photo, our nephew. He was a zombie skeleton or a skelton zombie, I'm too old to remember which it is supposed to be and apparently the order is very important. Rikard, of course is his favorite Seattle's Mariner, The Midget is a Care Bear and Tatum is in her Hannah Montana get-up.

Woops! Tatum wasn't in her complete costume. Apparently you are only a diva without the wig. Now she is a true imitation of HM. It took me just a couple hours to stitch up the little sequinned dress and, you can't see it in the picture, but the boots are patent leather purple - apparently very HM.

All through the neighborhood the decorations were ghostly and ghastly. However, we all agree this was the best, most unique jack-o-lantern of the entire evening. The cyclops was watching over an unattended candy bowl a few blocks from home.
I was fairly impressed with the skill and creativity that went into decorations around the neighborhood this year. The picture window in one nearby house had several suspended ghosts illuminated with black lights and some dry ice pouring "smoke" around the display. I sometimes wish I wanted to decorate for the holidays. This year we didn't even have uncarved pumpkins on the front step. I can be such a fuddy-duddy.

The best costume seen along our trick-or-treating adventure was the Hound Dog King. This full-sized poodle was sporting a sequinned satin jacket and trick-or-treating along with her people. We also saw a pair of great danes walking their master and a corgie named Music, but they weren't dressed for the holiday.

Rick and I are off to rifle through the candy bags and eat all the Reese's Peanut Butter cups now that the kids are in bed.

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Nancy said...

Glad you posted! The kids look soooo cute! Did you and Rick get a tummy ache from the candy?