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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Farewell Moses Lake

It is official: these 5 residents no longer call Moses Lake home.

After about 15 years in the Columbia Basin, we moved. Although that was nearly a month ago, we have been tied to Moses Lake by the ownership of a house and the caretaking of the herd. The house is in the process of being sold and the goats have foster caretakers for a few months until we find a permanent place to settle (thanks Lance and Andrew!).

We miss the space outdoors for the kids to roam, explore, learn and grow. It just isn't the same living in the city. We miss the familiarity of friends and neighbors.

We went to visit the homestead last weekend and found gallons of grapes along the garden fence. We picked three boxes full and are busily making them into raisins. Next time we will plant seedless grapes.

We also brough home pounds of fresh plums (thanks Sue!) and a bucket of apples. All from our garden and the neighbors' trees. The apples were gi-normous and consensus here was to make a pie or two ... or just eat them off the tree.

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

That was adorable. I love perfect photos like that! What a moment to treasure.
Sunshine (jenn Magnolia, Texas