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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing Tabitha, celebrating Papa

Tabitha, the newest addition to the family, came to visit. She slept nearly the entire visit and everyone (who wanted to) got their fair share of holding, snuggling and kissing her. Keeli, our littlest diva, was a bit standoffish at first, but warmed up by the end of the day and wanted to "love the baby."
It was a special gathering. Brett, Tami, Madison, Michael & Charlie, Kelly, Bailey & Tabitha, Jim & Joyce, and our brood all gathered to celebrate Papa's birthday. So of course there was a ambush serenade of sorts, then we all enjoyed some pie.
It is difficult to gather everyone, as some live half-way across the country. So, the photo below shows all the cousins in attendance. Missing are the Moores, Ashlie, Jessie, Myranda and Christopher.

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Mo said...

Great pictures! The boys look like Keeley! njc