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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jacks and turkey crafts

Nana Linda popped over for a weekend visit. It was her first trip to the new house in the big city. She brought bags and bags of crafty projects to entertain the kids. They glued, colored, cut and arranged all day. They were making the hanging decorations for a really nice jack-o-lantern tree here.
Then, after the store-bought crafts ran out, they went on a nature hike. Seeing this as our chance, Rick and I left the kids with Nana and went away for a couple of hours without kids - a luxury we haven't had since moving.
Bags of pinecones, pine needles acorns, grass, chestnuts, leaves and even rocks returned home from the park. When combined with glue, crayons and some toothpicks, they grew into these realistic looking holiday turkeys to decorate the dining room table. We will treasure them always.

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