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Monday, January 26, 2009

Kiddo update

Friday morning Rikard complained that his throat was "hot." After school we got a phone call that he couldn't walk himself home and his temperature was 103°. Rick took him to the clinic and came home with the anticipated diagnosis of strep throat.

A few antibiotics and some Tylenol later and he was wanting scrammbled eggs. Of course he can cook them himself now.

We had a few friends over to dinner and Keeli had a great time entertaining. This was her minutes after our guests left.
Tatum has been hard to find in the late evenings. She is quietly working her way through the entire shelf of Nancy Drew mystery's at the library. Sometimes she turns off the light long enough for Keeli to fall asleep and then she is up reading for an hour or more into the night. Such a rebel! She's reading 5-7 of these books a week depending upon her available reading time.


Angela said...

Poor lil man, I got the sickies too. Love the pic of that Keeli. She is a doll. And Tatom sounds just like me and my sisters growing up. We wanted to read alllll the time and everything. Our parents are both big readers and this was encouraged alot.

Connie W said...

I used to adore the Nancy Drew books and I could enjoy them just as much today. They are wonderful.