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Monday, January 12, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I have been practicing my baking skills on the weekends. A recipe from my friend Kim J. for quick cinnamon rolls captured my attention. These take less than 2 hours to make, rise, bake, eat and enjoy. They definitely had a better reception than the donuts last week.
Rikard has taken to reading books - books that interest him, that have pictures, that are about boys. His reading has come in spurts. He was an avid reader last year in 1st grade, but his interest has waned this year. We are searching for more good books that he will enjoy. Any suggestions?My nephew Bailey came for a visit and left worn out, tired even. He arrived Friday night and the kids played video games, watched movies, went sledding, had a snowball fight with a guy down the street and ate everything in sight. Once we hit the road taking him home Sunday afternoon, it was lights out for Bailey.


Susan said...

YUM, I wan a cinnamon roll or the recipe.
Has Rikard tried Magic Tree House, Andrew Lost, Marvin Redpost, Encylopedia Brown, or Hank the Cowdog books? I'm not sure of his reading level. But perhaps there might be something here he would like.
Hope you had a great holiday - Happy New Year. We had lots of snow, Steve Gjefley plowed us out, but not as much snow as Spokane:-)

Angela said...

YUMMMMMMMMM You are killing me with these picture you know. Is he ready for the boxcar children yet? Do they have a lower level of Hardy boys type books. Guess he isnt into Amelia Bedelia? LOL

Jnette said...

Adorable pictures!!!!!