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Monday, January 19, 2009


Do these clothes make me look Spunky?

We have our own version of the famous-from-the-80s Punky Brewster (I don't really remember the show, but Rick does).

Keeli has taken a shine to choosing her own clothing and has, well, her own style. The shirts are layered deep, there are two underneath you can't see. The pants are from Valentine's Day last year and have tiny silver hearts on them. The orange sock is a fashion remnant from Halloween with little black bats flying all over it. And, don't be silly, socks DON'T have to match.

This is our typical weekend grocery shopping attire. Over the top were black mary janes on the wrong feet and a lime green parka, with a lime green fur trimmed hood.

And, it is all complimented by the red kool-aid mustache.


Anonymous said...

She wore shoes???

Nancy said...

Is there something wrong with her outfit? I remember way back in the stone age getting kicked out of junior high because I wore one black and one white kneesock.... gosh I forgot about that until just now!

Angela said...

Other than the shoes being wonky I am cool with it. :o) Course I am in Indiana and you are in another state. LOL

Conni said...

She is so sweet! She looks happy with her choices!

Briarose said...

of course they don't have to match! As long as they are clean...and on the right feet...you should see some of the combos I have on my feet most days!