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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Science Symposium

The Science Symposium - sounds imposing and important, huh? - was held this week at school. The kids had a good time preparing, they both developed their own ideas after several pointed suggestions from science teacher dad.
Rikard wanted to test what chocolate chip cookies would be like with and without baking soda. So, we whipped up a couple of batches. Rikard really has some *mad skills* in the kitchen, or so he tells me. He likes to make the cookie dough scoop work.
In total we made five batches of cookies and really only two were edible. The rest were like little toy boat anchors, or paper weights, or hockey pucks. He did a basic observation for his project, comparing texture, size, color, etc. Not bad for a 2nd grader.
These were some of his finest cookies. They didn't survive to make the trip to school - heck, they didn't even survive til morning.
Tatum's project was a bit more involved. She compared the evaporation rates between muddy and salty water. Downstairs in the mad scientist portion of the basement (Rick and Tatum's workroom) they developed these miniature environments under a heat lamp. Tatum ran her test a couple of times, always coming up with new questions.
They could only take a single display board to the symposium. Tatum used her new camera to document her test and did a pretty fair job of presenting her stuff for the event.
Keeli, the little queen of destruction, attended the symposium too. She went straight for the volcanoes.
Sadly for mom, the symposium was on a night she has class. So, dad rounded the evening out with dinner at the local pizza parlor. Isn't he the greatest?!

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Angela said...

What fun. And you know, you were there for the important part. Watching their faces as they discoverd something new! You are a great mom!! You made more memories with them.