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Monday, March 16, 2009

Country drive

The local area is almost all new to us, so we've taken to the roads on the weekends to see all there is to see. This was the third bald eagle we saw Sunday. This one flew away from its lunch on the side of the road as we approached.The other two eagles were chasing smaller birds from what appeared to be their nesting area along the stream. We also saw lots of deer, three racoons and signs of elk.
There appears to be an abandoned rail line along the side of this stream used for hiking and mountain biking. Looks like a good place to spend our weekends this spring and summer - once the snow is gone.

1 comment:

The Tin House said...

wow it looks soooo cold. Unless you go to the handful of alpine areas in Australia, you just don't see pictures like this!

Are bald eagles endangered? We have wedge tailed eagles around here and they are magnificent.

Lisa x
(p.s. more recent post showing your 4 year old's face as she's leaving on a trip is an absolute classic. Yep, she's really worried isn't she!)