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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow plower

Winter is apparently back. Sunday we woke up to about 2 new inches of the fluffy stuff and Rikard promptly put on his snow gear and headed out to clear the neighborhood.
We thought he would stop at the sidewalk, which he shoveled quite nicely. But he decided that since the city's snow plows hadn't found their way to our street by 10 a.m. he would take care of it himself. He was done in time for lunch. Now if he could just find a way to get paid for his endeavors.Using his shovel he cleared the street from side to side, back and forth, the length of four lots. He made sure to scoop the snow onto the existing berms so that it wasn't in anyone's way. What a thoughtful and industrious little guy.


Liz said...

Wow, call the city and send the photos. Put him on the payroll!! What a sweet boy.

Nancy said...

Ha! That reminds me of the time Brady not only shoveled the sidewalk, but the front lawn! We were the only people in town with a green lawn. It won't last though....the last few snows at our old house, we were lucky to get one shovel width done! Yea for Rickard! njc

Angela said...

That is precious. The newspaper should get his picture.