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Saturday, March 07, 2009

House hunting, deer spotting

We are searching for that perfect house that will be our next home. We are looking at houses that are in the process of foreclosure, the buyers are a bit more competitive and the houses go quickly. We have patience on our side. Today while we viewed another house (that has potential written all over it and a river running next to it) we met the neighbors.They were a bit stand-off-ish and weren't very chatty at all. In fact they were downright anti-social at times. Nothing like our previous neighbors. They were fun to watch roam through the pasture and watch us. Tatum and Rikard really like watching them. Keeli calls them reindeer and asks when Santa is going to come get them. She doesn't like them at all.
So, when this one dashed past us, she screamed like never before!

Down the road there were some other neighbors to meet. These guys were having lunch when we drove by. Apparently they are Highland cattle, also known as Kyloe.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have to admit...those hairy cows do look a bit weird!
Good luck on finding just the right place.
Hugs, Aunt Bea

maudie-mae said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you had a moose-y neighbor too. I could tolerate those neighbors. I tend to have coyotes in my back yard.

Nancy said...

Nothing like the tail end of a deer...should I send Brady? How's the felting coming - I have orange wool coming your way! Njc