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Friday, March 27, 2009

See ya!

Keeli is off on her first trip away from home alone. Such a tender age, 4YO, and OBVIOUSLY heart broken at the thought of leaving her mom and dad for a whole 5 days. Her emotions were out of control when we sent her away with Nana and Papa in the dark of night.

She went to visit Uncle Hobo and Auntie Hami (known to others as Uncle Bobo and Auntie Tami) all the way away in Boise, Idaho for spring break. She's reportedly having a great time. Her cousin Madison is showering her with the princess-like attention Keeli believes she deserves. They have done their hair, painted their nails and read lots of stories to each other. Keeli has also taught her cousin Charlie the importance of taking his baby doll everywhere.

Apparently Uncle Hobo and Auntie Hami were alarmed at the amount of groceries she can pack away into her tiny self each day. Why do you think we sent her away for a week? The grocery bill is finally under control at this house.


Nancy said...

Hmmm, yes she does look reluctant to leave, doesn't she? How was the play? njc

Penny said...

She does look pretty broken up as she was waving goodbye. LOL