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Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Kids on the Block

Kidding season is in full-swing. There are now nine babies romping about the pasture and four more nannies still to deliver. This little black and white doeling is the favorite so far based on coloring. She has a twin brother who is white with light brown spots, but he isn't nearly as unique and beautiful.
This little girl already knows she is pretty. She has changed so much since the day she was born. Her twin sister has a white star on her forehead and a brown tail.
This little doeling was the first to arrive. She has a very regal posture, it's almost as if she "wants" to be a show goat.
This year's herd is all thanks to this guy. Lance. He was our next door neighbor and was very dismayed when he learned we were moving. He offered to care for Tatum's goats for a year while we searched for a home and property. He didn't want her to lose what she had worked for. What a nice guy!
Lance grew up in the cattle business and takes this goat business very seriously. He checks them often, sometimes in the middle of the night. We are very grateful.


Penny said...

Oh Kate, I am so glad you sill have the goats. I was curious but didn't want to ask in case you had to find them new homes. Love the photos. What's not to love about babies! You have one great neighbor/goatherder.
Still praying you find the right property for your family.

Annette said...

Lance truly loves and enjoys the goats. We get daily goat and baby reports. I would love to see them in person.

Lance's Mom,